Lubrizol Additives India Honored at Rosefield Energy Tech Awards

Lubrizol Additives was recently presented with two honors at the Rosefield Energy Tech Awards, a Mumbai-based conference that recognizes leadership and innovation in the lubricants and fuels market.

Lubrizol received the Technology Advancement Award for its development and advocacy for the Wire Corrosion Test (WCT), which represents an advancement in assessing how well lubricants protect materials from corrosion in an electric vehicle (EV) environment. This is a major improvement over the corrosion strip tests that have been the industry’s mainstay for 100 years.

Lubrizol also won the Supply Chain Excellence Award, being recognized for resilience and agility in overcoming challenges, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re honored to be recognized by Rosefield, an organization that is committed to the advancement of our industry,” said Sanjeev Kaul, Vice President, Lubrizol Additives India, Middle East, Africa. “These awards are validation of the hard work our teams put in toward innovation and outstanding customer service every day.”

In winning the Technology Advancement Award, the team at Lubrizol India demonstrated that the WCT provides data directly applicable to the real-world vehicle environment. Such testing is increasingly important today as more electronics and electric motors are in contact with the lubricants. Through this novel and patented test method, the industry can better evaluate the right fluids to protect hardware from corrosion in an EV environment. Also, this test demonstrate efficacy of the fluid in vapor phase protection. Further, Lubrizol’s dedicated EV technology, EVOGEN™, demonstrates superior performance features in EV immersion cooling applications, resulting in enhanced efficiency of e-motor & gears and improved safety, helping to usher in a new era of EV performance and reliability.

The Supply Chain Excellence Award recognized Lubrizol’s efforts and partnerships with suppliers and service providers, its aggressive localization drive for supply consistency, a safe and efficient logistics strategy, and focus on customer service with a commitment toward operational excellence.

“We’re appreciative that our efforts are being recognized in the industry, and we’re excited to continue to be a part of the important work Rosefield Energy Tech is doing,” added Kaul. “Supply chain strength, continued innovation and remaining in front of future technology are important for our collective success.”

The Rosefield Awards are instituted by Rosefield Energy Tech, an organization whose key objective is to bring together leaders of the energy sector. The participants and nominees included lubricant, fuel and additive players active in the Indian market. The awards were part of their two-day Lubricants & Fuels conference wherein the industry discussed many crucial topics such as future fuel conundrums and matching lubricants solutions, evolving technologies and innovation in lubricants and fuels, innovation in e-fluids and the outlook for 2030.

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