Dubai, United Arab Emirates — As temperatures continue to rise, consumers living in this region face the challenge of extreme heat, which pushes conventional cooling systems to their limits. Recognizing the need for innovative air solutions, LG Electronics (LG) has developed a range of air conditioning systems engineered to combat the blistering heat and deliver unparalleled cooling comfort. Offering superior performance, energy efficiency, and thoughtful design, LG’s air conditioners ensure a refreshing oasis even amidst the most relentless summer conditions.

LG’s air conditioners utilize advanced cooling technology that ensures fast and efficient cooling even in the most intense heat. LG’s new 2023 Split AC with Rotary Compressor brings down the room temperature with strong and high-speed air in just 30 minutes through its Jet Mode. The AC’s Auto Swing feature evenly distributes the air, providing cooling comfort in every corner of the room. Additionally, its Dual Sensing feature can sense the temperature not only around the AC unit, but also the remote controller, ensuring optimal temperature settings. The new AC also offers smart connectivity, automatically setting Cooling, Fan and Drying Modes depending on the actual room temperature by simply pushing the ‘SMART’ button on the remote controller.

The flagship of the recently introduced LG’s range of 2023 air conditioners, LG DUALCOOL, provides faster and more consistent cooling, even at temperatures up to 65°C. Its Dual Inverter Compressor with a wider rotational frequency constantly adjusts the compressor’s speed to maintain desired temperature levels, providing 60% faster cooling and saving 65% more energy, while also eliminating unnecessary noise. LG DUALCOOL’s anti-corrosion Gold Fin Coating enhances the durability of the unit against dust and sand for a longer period, while its thoughtful design complements any location and makes the unit easy to install and maintain regardless of the surroundings. Additionally, the AC’s smart display allows users to monitor its status remotely.

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