LG Introduces Concealed AC Units with Innovative ESP Control for Optimal Comfort

LG Electronics (LG) is here to provide the latest in climate control solutions – the LG Ceiling Concealed Duct, an advanced concealed cooling and heating system designed to provide unparalleled temperature control while seamlessly blending into any interior setting. With its cutting-edge features, including the innovative External Static Pressure (ESP) control, LG’s Ceiling Concealed Duct units offer a superior combination of performance, comfort, and aesthetic appeal.

A standout feature of the Ceiling Concealed Duct is the ESP Control, a technological advancement that ensures consistent and comfortable cooling regardless of duct length. Where traditional air conditioning systems often face challenges with airflow when ducts are either too short or too long, resulting in uneven cooling and increased noise levels, LG’s ESP Control addresses the issue by allowing users to adjust the air pressure within the duct. By modulating the fan speed, the system maintains the ideal air pressure, ensuring even distribution of cool air throughout the space while minimizing noise.

The ESP control function, too, further enhances the user experience by allowing easy adjustment of air volume via a remote controller. The system’s brushless direct current BLDC electric motor plays a crucial role in this process, as it can control fan speed and air volume regardless of the external static pressure. This eliminates the need for additional accessories to manage airflow, simplifying installation and operation.

LG’s Ceiling Concealed Duct is also equipped to handle multiple rooms simultaneously, thanks to its innovative design incorporating a spiral duct (either embedded or flexible) and a stream chamber, enabling efficient cooling and heating across several rooms, providing a consistent climate control experience throughout the home or office.

To optimize indoor air temperature, LG’s Ceiling Concealed Duct features two thermistors that monitor the indoor temperature from both the remote controller and the indoor unit. This dual-sensing capability ensures a more accurate and comfortable temperature regulation, enhancing the overall comfort of the environment.

Designed with flexibility and space constraints in mind, LG Ceiling Concealed Ducted units come with a minimized height, with the new med-static units nearly 30mm shorter for the 8/10kW models, and the more powerful 12.5kW model a full 110mm shorter, measuring just 270mm in height. This compact design make them an ideal solution for installations in spaces with limited clearance.

The new low static unit also offers versatile installation options, allowing the air intake to be positioned at either the rear or bottom, depending on the specific installation requirements; a level of flexibility that ensures LG’s Ceiling Concealed Ducted can be adapted to a wide range of architectural and design needs.

LG’s commitment to innovation and user-centric design is evident in the Ceiling Concealed Duct’s advanced features and thoughtful engineering. By integrating the ESP control and other cutting-edge technologies, LG continues to set new standards in the HVAC industry, delivering products that enhance comfort, efficiency, and convenience for users worldwide.

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