Audio Visual China Fujian Time Season 2 on CATV Ends Perfectly

BEIJING — In the second season of Audio Visual China • Fujian Time, we extracted Fujian’s high-quality ecology, tourism, food, intangible cultural heritage and Silk Road culture as the core publicity content and translated eight excellent documentaries of Fujian, including Hundred Workers of the Silk Road, Fujian Arts and Crafts, Our Seasonal Food, The Most Beautiful Travel Photography, Fujian Shipbuilding Culture, Silk Sea Exploration, China Video Record, Fujian Famous Towns and Villages, and Fujian Ancient Villages, totaling more than 2000 minutes.

In 2022, we launched a series of short videos, “Leen’s Fujian Time”, to experience Fujian culture, food, tourism and folk customs through the perspective of Jordanian journalist Leen Zeyad Aslan Aslan. For example, Leen came to Yantai Mountain in Fuzhou, where there are 163 historical buildings, 81 cultural relics registration sites, 38 historical streets and lanes, and a first-class ginkgo tree. Leen introduced the culture of Yantai Mountain to the audience by telling stories. Another example is that she came to Quanzhou, which has a deep relationship with the Arab world. After experiencing the unique music called “the living fossil in the history of Chinese music”, she said, “Nanyin has a magical charm. Listening to the performance of traditional instruments can calm her mind and body.”

Leen also came into contact with many traditional Chinese arts, such as puppet shows, line lions, bamboo weaving, black pottery, etc. When she asked why old Chinese artists stick to these ancient arts, they said: “Because of love. These ancient arts will be lost if we don’t stick to it.”

Through Leen’s perspective, the audience in Arab countries learned about the real, fresh and three-dimensional Fujian. Saudi Arabia’s Motherland Daily also reported on Audio Visual China Fujian Time, saying that Leen’s Fujian Time presented a different Fujian in a unique way.

The program was broadcast on China Arab Satellite TV in Dubai, and a special section of Audio Visual China Fujian Time was opened on the official Facebook, YouTube and website of China Arab Satellite TV, covering more than 100 million people.

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