blinx: The First Digital Native Storytelling Hub in MENA to Elevate Storytelling and Offer New Perspectives

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — blinx, the first digital native storytelling hub in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, was announced today. The hub aims to elevate storytelling and offer new perspectives. It will target Gen Z and Millennials in the region, and beyond.

Headquartered in Dubai Media City, blinx will soon launch on multiple platforms, offering a “More Story, Less Noise” approach, By the Youth, For the Youth– thus delivering relatable content to a young audience in a way the MENA region has yet to see.

Imagine your TikTok timeline but high-quality. Imagine Instagram but with more authenticity and realness. Imagine Netflix but, short and sweet. Imagine Newsstories told in an engaging way by young, bright people on the ground.

“Our purpose is to inspire the Youth through honest, genuine, and spectacular storytelling. By providing news, entertainment and infotainment powered by the best tech and people available, we help build a better tomorrow,” said Nakhle Elhage, blinx General Manager. “Engaging the region’s talented, bold, and brave storytellers, our new digital hub aims to be the go-to destination for stories that connect young people in MENA to the world and like-minded communities.”

blinx will be equipped with the MENA region’s first Metaverse / extended reality studios and production facilities, with visual effects that transport viewers and users to places that surpass reality. Control rooms are equipped with the latest live production tools, including AI-enhanced tools that analyze videos and data.

“Throughout history, storytelling has always been embedded in our culture. The fine art of engaging an audience, and captivating it with masterful storytelling, is in our DNA. By being innovative and breaking the mold of traditional infotainment, blinx will harness the collective power of resources, tech, and expertise, so that storytelling feels fresh, exciting, and relevant to today’s Youth,” concluded Nakhle Elhage.

Blinx… in brief

By the Youth, For the Youth: That’s how the future is always shaped… by the Youth. The kind of future will depend on the quality of the young minds building it. blinx, aims to be a key enabler.

Elevating Storytelling: A productive, positive, and consciously aware Youth requires a source of content that keeps them informed, entertained, inspired, updated, and gives them a fresh perspective on life. These are the pillars that blinx is built on.

Personalized User Experiences: Apart from being on social media platforms and having its online portal, blinx will soon unveil its digital apps, bringing the live production experience into multiple smart devices and screens; offering personalized, edgy user experiences; creating a holistic On-Demand Social Ecosystem where Youth can find culturally relevant content at their fingertips.

Tech and Production Capabilities: blinx will bring forward the full force of AIto the world of digital and social media, armed with state-of-the-art production capabilities within its studios in Dubai Media City.

blinx will also offer the MENA region’s most innovative Metaverse / extended reality studios and production facilities – creating spectacular virtual content. Adopting a data-driven approach is yet another competitive edge to the hub.

Gamification of Content: Entertainment and gaming are two peas in a pod. blinx will introduce gaming into its content, adding fun and excitement to the mix!

Indicatives Genres and Interests:

Entertainment & Infotainment; News & Current Affairs; Econ / Business & Tech; Gamification of News; Sports; Lifestyle; Adventure; Music; Mental health & self-development; Climate change; others.

People, Places & Beyond:

In addition to their diverse backgrounds and origins, blinx team members embrace an all-inclusive approach to their work. They celebrate and value their differences, including varying perspectives, experiences, and cultural influences. The team works in an environment that seamlessly integrates elements from nature with cutting-edge technology, providing an inspiring and stimulating atmosphere that fuels creativity.

Opinion Leadership:

blinx will strive to be a part of people’s lives by tackling real issues and appealing to their most cherished interests.

blinx commitments

blinx will keep it real and genuine, away from fake news, misinformation and disinformation.

Whenever tackling sensitive issues, blinx will do it without exaggeration, distortion, or sensationalism – thus offering news and entertainment in a credible, believable, and trusted way.

blinx will contribute to discovering, fostering, and rewarding untapped local talent, with the aim to train and empower a new breed of content creators, media practitioners, and storytellers – thus supporting the ‘creator economy’ and entrepreneurship ecosystem in MENA.

In sum, blinx will offer its resources to creative content producers who really want to make a difference in storytelling!

At all times, blinx will advocate for noble causes that matter to Gen Z and Millennials.

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