Fasttoken Set to Be Utilized by Over 100 Game Developers in Web3 Games

İSTANBUL — DappRadar, the biggest Web3 dapp distribution platform, has unveiled its DappRadar’s Blockchain Gaming for Q3 2023 report on the gaming segment growth within the Web3 ecosystem. Their findings highlight a 12% increase in Web3 gaming activity from the prior quarter, with the number of unique players surpassing 785,000. Even with fluctuations in decentralized markets, the blockchain gaming realm has maintained its dominant position. Concurrently, the Fasttoken cryptocurrency, designed for the Web3 gaming landscape, celebrated its ninth month.

More than 100 developers are deploying the new cryptocurrency in their Web3 games

“The Fastex ecosystem and its official currency, Fasttoken (FTN), is developed by technology company SoftConstruct, which employs over 6,000 individuals. This unique blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency aim to stand out among the leading Web3 gaming domains’ cryptocurrencies. Fasttoken is set to be a universal currency for Web3-based games created by over 100 developers,” commented Davud Güneyli, CEO at Fastex Turkey.

Not just a cryptocurrency but an ecosystem

Davud Güneyli underlined that Fasttoken’s design offers users both simple and secure experience, “Fasttoken is positioned as the native currency for the Fastex exchange and ecosystem, which offers a range of blockchain services centered around Web3 and decentralized finance, such as NFT minting and dApp development. A distinguishing feature of this ecosystem is its foundation on a next-gen blockchain named Bahamut. This blockchain promises users benefits like faster transactions and lower fees. Furthermore, the Fastex ecosystem offers the Fastexverse virtual universe and the ftNFT NFT platform. Thanks to these features, user-friendly interfaces and top-tier security, users are set for a multifaceted blockchain experience.”

A market cap exceeding 4 billion TL

According to CoinMarketCap, Fasttoken, which had a presale price of $0.35 and quickly rose above $1 per unit, currently boasts a market cap exceeding 4 billion TL. “Being an ERC-20 standard token, Fasttoken ensures global compatibility and widespread acceptance. The Dubai-based Fastex Exchange, holding a cryptocurrency license, stands among the most innovative platforms in the sector thanks to its holistic approach to crypto payment, NFT, metaverse, and blockchain technologies.

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