QNET’s HomePure Viva Delivers the Purest Drinking Water Directly to Households

QNET, an e-commerce based direct selling company, has unveiled its latest innovation in the HomePure range – the HomePure Viva. This state-of-the-art water ioniser and filter is set to redefine how people access healthy drinking water in the comfort of their homes. In celebration of its 25th anniversary, QNET has taken a significant stride forward by introducing this revolutionary product to its diverse portfolio of high-quality products.

Featuring cutting-edge technology developed by world-class researchers, the HomePure Viva is the most advanced water ionising system on the market. It provides precise, pH-balanced water without chemical booster agents or complicated user manuals. With just the touch of a button, users can enjoy a refreshing glass of water packed with essential nutrients and bursting with flavour.

“We are thrilled to introduce the HomePure Viva to our customers and bring the world’s healthiest water straight to their homes,” said Mr. Hussam Eldin Elmilliegi, QNET’s Deputy Regional General Manager for the Middle East and North Africa. “Our aim is to create a product that is not only easy to use but also delivers a safe and consistent supply of water that can boost the immune system and increase energy levels.”

The HomePure Viva boasts a sleek and modern countertop design that complements any kitchen decor. Its interactive colour touch screen, multilingual audio feedback, and pre-programmed intelligent modes make it the most user-friendly device of its kind. With 11 different types of pH-balanced water to choose from, users can customise their drinking water to suit their daily needs. The Viva’s smart modes customise the pH of water for purposes such as:

  • pH 6.5: Cleaning vegetables, fruits, and raw meat to remove oil and bacteria without the need for chemical agents.
  • pH 6.0: Brushing teeth or rinsing the mouth to prevent the growth of bacteria and protect against mineral loss.
  • pH 7.5: Provides water with reduced chlorine that is suitable for drinking with medication or for babies’ drinking water.
  • pH 9.0: Energises, hydrates, slows down oxidation, and helps the body maintain an optimal, balanced acidity level throughout the day.
  • pH 10.5 to 11.3: Water ideal for cooking to enrich flavour and improve the taste of ingredients by bringing out natural flavours.

“The HomePure Viva is more than just a water ioniser – it’s a lifestyle enhancer,” added Elmilliegi. “It offers bespoke benefits, from customised water for drinking, cleaning, washing, or preparing food. Plus, it earns its counter space multiple times over, providing a multitude of benefits that go far beyond just delivering healthy drinking water.”

The HomePure Viva takes a holistic and complete wellness approach to healthy home living by fulfilling needs beyond water filtration. It features a contemporary 9-plate ioniser and 5-stage filtration system made according to the exacting standards of South Korean engineering, certified by the Korea Conformity Laboratory.

The device also employs ultrafiltration techniques that use hydrogen-generating technology and ionising electrolysis to deliver water with precise pH levels. The unit features smart settings that perform ionising electrolysis, making it a low-maintenance device, resulting in 11 customised water types. It is also capable of self-cleaning with a single press of a button. Unlike other models, it does not require extra booster agents to achieve desired pH levels.

According to Mr Hussam, HomePure Viva’s hydrogen-rich alkaline drinking water is a sustainable alternative to bottled water, helping consumers to reduce their carbon footprint. The HomePure Viva water ioniser and filter provides the convenience of bottled mineral water on tap and eliminates the need for harmful single-use plastic bottles.

As a global business, QNET is committed to developing safe and healthy drinking water options that make a positive social impact, and they are giving customers the tools to be part of the solution. Over 8 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year, and by using products like the HomePure Viva, consumers can help to reduce plastic waste and pollution and reduce their carbon footprint.

QNET has always been an ardent supporter of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, further proving its commitment to becoming a sustainable entity by developing products that align with ethical manufacturing standards and positively impact the planet.

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